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THE LITTLE KELHAM BLOG IS MOVING HOME The Little Kelham blog has been a really good way of updating people about the development as it progresses as well as highlighting some of the things happening in an...

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WE'RE MOVING! CITU.CO.UK will soon be the home of Little Kelham.



Kelham the next stop for Sheffieldby... It has been pleasing to hear about a possible expansion of the successful Sheffieldbycycle scheme, which was launched by the University of Sheffield two years ago. Sheffieldbycycle is much like London’s so-called ‘Boris Bikes’ – where bik...
Wedge homes sold at launch Friday evening saw the launch of the Little Kelham Wedge Building – and we had plenty of visitors to the show home. Many wanted to find out more about this latest phase while five plots were reserved on the night. The homes that are sti...


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