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Buildings and houses contribute to a third of CO2 emissons. At Citu we feel we all have a responsibility to do our bit to reduce this and make our planet a healthier place to live.

Little Kelham in Sheffield consists of 153 1-4 bedroom homes plus a variety of creative spaces, shops and cafes.

Houses are built with a super insulated with triple glazing to ensure efficient temperature regulation and fresh air all year round. All in all, it means significantly cheaper heating bills, healthier air and a smarter way to consume resources. We believe this is the future of sustainable living.

Digitally-enabled homes will mean you are connected to your home enabling you to control the energy in your house from your phone.

Design, Sustainability & Community

The Area

Kelham Island is a thriving area, bubbling with creative energy and full of community spirit. People who have bought at Little Kelham are early adopters who embrace new technology and care about the environment.



Citu is a sustainable developer; passionate about design, community and sustainability. Our reason for building this way is to combat climate change. Buildings account for one third of the CO2 emissions and everyone who lives at Little Kelham is doing their bit towards this global problem.


03 July 2017

The Little Kelham blog has been a really good way of updating people about the development as it progresses as well as highlighting some of the things happening in and around the neighbourhood. But in the coming weeks you’ll notice a change in ...

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Our new show home – a four-bed Garden House – is now open.

Little Kelham homes need to be seen to be believed – only when you wander around the houses do you realise how space and light have been maximised to create rooms which are far from ordinary.

What’s more, Citu staff are on hand to talk to you about all aspects of Little Kelham, from the homes themselves and the technology behind them to the community and local neighbourhood.

Our show home is open regularly. To find out more, get in touch.