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Little Kelham is lucky enough to have both Green Lane Works and Eagle Works as part of the site and we are keen to maintain links with Kelham’s industrial past.

It’s vital to bring forward the best elements of the past and breathe new life into older buildings to make them relevant to new generations.

We are 100% committed to conserving these beautiful structures so that they can once again live at the heart of the community.


Looking Back

World’s Fair Newspaper on 5th Feb 1916 tells of an elephant working for one of Sheffield’s firms:
“striding along with ease drawing a load of iron to a munitions works”.
Lizzie, the legendary elephant was purchased to replace horses conscripted by the military.

Historic Buildings

Built in 1835, Eagle Works was used to make files and refine steel. In 1864 WK Peace & Co decided to leave the site and move across the River Don to a new factory. They took the Eagle Works name with them, the old site was renamed Horseman Works, later becoming part of Globe Steel Works.


25 April 2017

Friday evening saw the launch of the Little Kelham Wedge Building – and we had plenty of visitors to the show home. Many wanted to find out more about this latest phase while five plots were reserved on the night. The homes that are still ava...

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