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Little Kelham in Focus

09 January 2017

Highlighting details of the development

One of the most exciting things about Little Kelham is the broad range of elements being woven together to make the development.

Far from a conventional housing project on a greenfield site, Little Kelham is incorporating the challenges and rewards of developing on a historic brownfield site with 21st century housebuilding and placemaking, all the time focussing on creating homes and neighbourhoods which are kinder to the environment and helping combat climate change. 

As a result, there are lots of fascinating elements to the project, from historical facets, to Citu’s approach to community, to the range of different technologies which are being used to make Little Kelham homes greener and cheaper to run, whilst at the same time being comfortable and attractive.

Part of the aim of this blog is to shed some light on what is happening at Little Kelham and how we’re doing it. But we also want to highlight some of the lesser-known elements – the things hidden underneath the surface that aren’t immediately apparent. These are things which set Little Kelham apart from other developments and, crucially, things which help residents love their homes and effortlessly live more environmentally-friendly lives.

So, over the next few weeks, we’ll be running a series of ‘focus’ pieces, looking at a particular feature of Little Kelham. They could be things which each individual home uses independently, such as energy-saving measures, or we could choose to explore elements which are enjoyed and accessed by the Little Kelham community as a whole.

We’ll explain how things work, why we’re using them and what they mean to people who call Little Kelham home. If you have any questions about what we’re discussing, we would love to hear from you. Similarly, if there is an element of Little Kelham you’d like us to shed some more light on, get in touch and we will do just that. 

Little Kelham is being created by Citu, and it is Citu’s ethos and its strong belief in the need to actively and innovatively combat climate change which is shaping Little Kelham. Any focus on Little Kelham should start with a focus on Citu, so in our next blog we’ll be looking at what Citu is doing, both in Sheffield and further afield, as well as why it is choosing to build homes, communities and places in such a way.

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