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Citu's Climate Innovation District

08 February 2017

New project well underway

Citu, the team behind Little Kelham, is undertaking an ambitious and exciting project which will help shape future developments, communities and cities for years to come.

The Climate Innovation District, which will be created on the South Bank in Leeds will have over 500 low-carbon homes as well as Citu Works, where houses will be precision-manufactured and tested in a brand new facility. There will also be an experience centre, where visitors can learn about low-carbon technology and how it is being implemented. It will also allow Citu to carry out more research and testing to continually improve the efficiency and design of the houses. A new website has just been launched with more information about the CID. There is also the option to sign up to hear the latest news about the project and its progress.

The CID is a manifestation of Citu’s founding principles. When the company was set up in 2004, it was based on a belief that climate change is something which can’t be ignored any longer and everyone should be taking steps to combat it. For a developer like Citu, that means utilising urban brownfield sites to make places which are smarter, cleaner and less wasteful, whilst also being beautiful, welcoming and respectful to the wider community and its heritage. In creating its homes, offices and places, Citu takes a lot of inspiration from Scandinavian design and architecture.

Other Citu projects in Leeds include Greenhouse, which saw a derelict 1930s building on Beeston Road transformed into a stylish low-carbon home for people and businesses alike. The project embraced a range of energy-saving technology, including solar and wind energy, water recycling and ground-source heat. These energy saving measures are combined with important features like high speed internet, a central, communal courtyard, a gym and an on-site deli.

Little Kelham was started in 2013 and the success of the project saw plans for a further expansion of the development to a site opposite The Fat Cat pub.

Little Kelham blends historic buildings with striking 21st century architecture with importance of the environment at its core. Little Kelham is also a demonstration of how highly Citu believes in the value of community, and this is something we’ll explore in later blogs.