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Focus on… outdoor spaces

23 February 2017

Private terraces, communal gardens, shared squares

When it comes to creating successful, sustainable communities, the spaces you choose not to build homes on are just as important and those you build homes on. That is why a lot of thought and planning went in to the outdoors when it came to Little Kelham, and every Citu project for that matter.

Outdoor areas aren’t just about giving residents visual variation to their homes. For us at Citu, they also play a huge role in helping the community develop, both within Little Kelham and with the wider neighbourhood. For a community to be truly sustainable, it has to be thriving, active and welcoming.

At the same time, the design of Little Kelham is very much based on a European and Scandinavian model of design which makes the most of the available space on brownfield sites. We had to put a great deal of thought into making the Little Kelham site spacious and welcoming to visitors whilst also allowing residents access to private terraces, communal gardens and public squares.

The Garden Houses all have private terraces as well as stunning balconies, however they also have access to a communal space which isn’t accessible to the general public, but shared by residents. A quick look at our master plan shows how the six rows of Garden Houses share three communal gardens. Many developers would have favoured giving each home a bigger private terrace rather than the communal space, or even used the area to build more homes on. However the design team at Citu wanted to encourage residents to use the gardens to meet their neighbours, socialise and relax. One of the three gardens is now complete and we’ve already seen the space being used by everyone from children to keen gardeners to couples wanting to relax.

We also didn’t want Little Kelham to be insular – so the central square in front of a newly-renovated Eagle Works will welcome passers-by in. Here, people will be able to enjoy the outdoor space and also visit the retailers which will also call Little Kelham home.

For people living in Little Kelham, our approach to outdoor spaces means that they can enjoy everything from private, intimate terraces and balconies, to friendly communal gardens to a bustling public square.

Come and find out more about living and working at Little Kelham at our show home open day this Saturday from 10am until 4pm.