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Focus on... The Home/Away Switch

10 March 2017

Less wastage, more piece of mind

How often have you left the house, only to have the paranoid doubt of “have I left my iron/straighteners/television* on?” playing on your mind.

*delete as appropriate

This is one way the Home/Away Switch can make your life easier. It’s a feature which is in every Little Kelham house and it is as simple as it is beautifully practical. It’s something which saves residents money, stops energy being wasted needlessly and can also give you valuable piece of mind.

First, let’s explain how it works. Certain electrical appliances need constant power – anyone who has accidentally unplugged the fridge-freezer will testify to that. Other things which might need to always be on could include clocks, satellite receivers, digital recorders and wifi routers. But the majority of other appliances – lamps, TVs, radios, hair dryers, toasters – only really need to be on when we’re using them. Imagine how much energy is being wasted by households which needlessly have appliances plugged in and on standby? Practically, we appreciate that nobody is ever going to remember to turn off every appliance before they leave the house or go to bed at night – we all have better things to do.

But the Home/Away Switch allows residents to turn all non-essential appliances – those which don’t need constant power – with the touch of a single button. Those essential appliances, such as your fridge-freezer, are plugged into specially marked sockets which aren’t affected by the switch.

There are more practical benefits too, over and above the money and energy saving elements. The Home/Away switch helps remove that lingering doubt of whether or not you’ve left something turned on. If you aren’t sure if you have pressed the Home/Away switch as you leave the house, you can use your smartphone or tablet to do it remotely, wherever you are.

We’ll take a closer look at how you can use a smartphone or tablet to control and monitor energy usage in your house in a future blog.

If you’d like to find out more about the Little Kelham houses, why not visit our show home, which is open tomorrow (Saturday 11 March) from 10am until 2pm.