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Climate Innovation District in the press

16 March 2017

Landmark scheme attracting attention

Earlier in the year the Little Kelham blog discussed Citu’s Climate Innovation District, an ambitious project in Leeds which will shape future housing developments for years to come.

The scheme is already attracting a lot of attention, from those within the development, design and construction industries, but also from those who are interested in helping create future cities which are cleaner, smarter and well-designed.

This week The Yorkshire Post carried a great article about the Climate Innovation District, posing the question “Can green living thrive in Leeds city centre?”

Of course, Citu strongly believes that it can, and proof of that is apparent in the success and popularity to date of Little Kelham, which is now really beginning to take shape.

In the article, a spokesman from Citu says: “The collaboration with Leeds City Council, Leeds Beckett and University of Leeds and Swedish architect White Arkitekter, who have been behind many of the progressive new neighbourhoods in Scandinavia, make this development unique.

“The Climate Innovation District, and in particular South Bank Leeds, presents an enormous opportunity for Leeds to be the first city in the UK, and possibly Europe, to create an ecologically pioneering district of this scale.”

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