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International group visit Little Kelham

10 April 2017

Group were on a sustainability fact-finding trip

Executives from leading multinational corporations from across Europe and North Africa have visited Little Kelham on a trip to learn more about sustainable development.

About 30 delegates from the Ecole des Ponts in Paris spent time on site, learning more about the heritage of the area as well as the design and construction concepts being used in Little Kelham and other Citu developments.

The executives, who were visiting the UK, thanks to a close partnership with Leeds Beckett University, work for large companies across Europe and North Africa and are studying part time for a masters degree in Sustainable Real Estate and Building.
The French companies the students represented include those in France’s public and private sectors, energy saving companies, manufacturers, construction firms, architects and new startups.

Professor Jean Carassus, from the Ecole des Ponts, said: “There are many aspects which make Little Kelham a really interesting development to study.
“It seems that the development is addressing a lot of problems surrounding urban regeneration and it is good to see how it is being integrated into a city such as Sheffield.
“The whole approach, from the design and the construction all the way to things like the marketing and digital side of Little Kelham is very innovative.”

Zineb Benjelloun, from H3 Holding, a real estate business in Rabat, Morocco, said: “It’s a very beautiful development. This is the way we should be building houses all over Europe.”

Professor Chris Gorse, Director of Leeds Sustainability Institute at Leeds Beckett University, noted that: “The Little Kelham development is remarkable, embracing the latest technology in its new buildings to ensure the highest standards of comfort are possible, while maintaining the warmth of Sheffield’s steel heritage through magnificent buildings that have also been restored on the site.

“There is an open and exciting feel to the development; the low energy buildings, the bakery, micro-brewery and the spaces between them provide a real community quality. Few cities could boast such and exciting and innovated place to live and work.”

The group were given a guided tour of the Little Kelham show home, before being taken to the top of Eagle Works to get a view of the site and learn more about the restoration work being carried out.

The Ecole des Ponts had previously visited low carbon developments in Switzerland and chose Little Kelham as an example of a successful sustainable scheme in the UK.