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Kelham the next stop for Sheffieldbycycle?

11 May 2017

Cycle scheme proving popular

It has been pleasing to hear about a possible expansion of the successful Sheffieldbycycle scheme, which was launched by the University of Sheffield two years ago.

Sheffieldbycycle is much like London’s so-called ‘Boris Bikes’ – where bikes are located in docking stations across the city allowing easy access for everyone from commuters, to visitors to those wanting to explore new neighbourhoods.

Speaking to the Sheffield Star, Sheffield City Council’s senior transport planner Paul Sullivan said Kelham Island was being considered as a new location for some of the blue bikes, which can be rented by the hour for as little as £1.

Sheffield, especially the centre, is already remarkably cycle-friendly city and has the potential to offer much more to people using two wheels. It’s compact and despite the odd hill, is easy to navigate. There is an ever-improving network of cycle lanes, beautiful parks and a little further out, The Peak District.

Distances from Little Kelham
  • Sheffield Train Station: 1 mile (about 8 minutes on bike)
  • Devonshire Green: 1.2 miles (about 9 minutes on bike)
  • Meadowhall: 4 miles (about 20 minutes on bike)
  • Peace Gardens: 0.7 miles (about 6 minutes on bike)

Schemes like this have proven to be successful in cities all over the world, especially in Europe. It’s a fantastic way of reducing the amount of cars on the roads while also giving people a cheap, convenient and healthy way of getting about.

What’s more, if the scheme is extended to Kelham Island, residents could essentially get a year’s worth of commuting for just £10.

Those paying the £10 annual subscription to the SheffieldBycycle scheme get their first half hour on the bike free. With Kelham Island just a matter of minutes away from the city centre for cyclists, this means that if a docking station was established in Kelham Island, residents could use their free half hour for their daily commute, without having to worry about parking and traffic jams.

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