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Sustainability will always be the focus for Little Kelham. Buildings are responsible for about 1/3 of CO2 emissions. Homes at Little Kelham help to reduce your impact on the environment and reduce your heating bills

Our houses provide a comfortable indoor climate at any time of year without relying on conventional heating. They need a fraction of the energy that a standard new building uses for space heating.

The house is so well insulated that you don’t need traditional central heating. Your home will retain the extra heat gained energy from lighting and electrical appliances and top up heat from electric wall mats. It’s an efficient system, so you can enjoy lower heating bills.


The Citu House

Fresh Air

High efficiency ventilation systems pull fresh air from outside and filters the air, reducing exposure to dust mites and allergens.

energy bills

Our homes don’t need traditional heating systems. Super-insulated construction and the use of energy-efficient appliances further reduce the energy footprint.


03 July 2017

The Little Kelham blog has been a really good way of updating people about the development as it progresses as well as highlighting some of the things happening in and around the neighbourhood. But in the coming weeks you’ll notice a change in ...

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Our new show home – a four-bed Garden House – is now open.

Little Kelham homes need to be seen to be believed – only when you wander around the houses do you realise how space and light have been maximised to create rooms which are far from ordinary.

What’s more, Citu staff are on hand to talk to you about all aspects of Little Kelham, from the homes themselves and the technology behind them to the community and local neighbourhood.

Our show home is open regularly. To find out more, get in touch.