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Where are we?

Our House Experts

0113 320 2357 Mon to Fri


Citu Head Office
W9 Greenhouse
Beeston Road
LS11 6AD

Local amenities

  • {"id":"1","title":"Newsagent","address":"Hicks Street<br \/>Sheffield S3 8BL","latlng":"53.392331,-1.474248","filename":"shop_icon"}


    Hicks Street
    Sheffield S3 8BL

  • {"id":"2","title":"Post Office","address":"Sheffield City<br \/>Wilkinsons Store 1st Floor<br \/>Sheffield S1 2AX","latlng":"53.383673,-1.463823","filename":"post_icon"}

    Post Office

    Sheffield City
    Wilkinsons Store 1st Floor
    Sheffield S1 2AX

  • {"id":"5","title":"GP Surgery","address":"Rockingham House<br \/>75 Broad Lane<br \/>Sheffield S1 3PB<br \/>T 0114 241 2700","latlng":"53.38839,-1.475805","filename":"doctor_icon"}

    GP Surgery

    Rockingham House
    75 Broad Lane
    Sheffield S1 3PB
    T 0114 241 2700

  • {"id":"6","title":"Dentist","address":"S3 Family Dental Centre<br \/>306-310 Shalesmoor<br \/>Sheffield S3 8UL<br \/>T 0114 276 3096","latlng":"53.382727,-1.477103","filename":"dentist_icon"}


    S3 Family Dental Centre
    306-310 Shalesmoor
    Sheffield S3 8UL
    T 0114 276 3096

  • {"id":"7","title":"Tapton School","address":"Darwin Lane<br \/>Sheffield S10 5RG<br \/>T 0114 267 1414","latlng":"53.375381,-1.522076","filename":"school_icon"}

    Tapton School

    Darwin Lane
    Sheffield S10 5RG
    T 0114 267 1414

  • {"id":"8","title":"Sunshine Day Nursery","address":"Royal Hallamshire Hospital<br \/>10 Beech Hill Road<br \/>Sheffield S10 2SB<br \/>T 0114 226 6050<br \/>Caters for ages<br \/>4 months to 3 years","latlng":"53.378449,-1.496427","filename":"school_icon"}

    Sunshine Day Nursery

    Royal Hallamshire Hospital
    10 Beech Hill Road
    Sheffield S10 2SB
    T 0114 226 6050
    Caters for ages
    4 months to 3 years

  • {"id":"9","title":"Netherthorpe Primary","address":"Netherthorpe Street<br \/>Sheffield S3 7JA<br \/>T 0114 272 6834<br \/>Caters for ages 3 to 11","latlng":"53.386168,-1.48121","filename":"school_icon"}

    Netherthorpe Primary

    Netherthorpe Street
    Sheffield S3 7JA
    T 0114 272 6834
    Caters for ages 3 to 11

  • {"id":"10","title":"Pyebank Nursery Infant","address":"Andover Street<br \/>West Sheffield S3 9EL<br \/>T 0114 276 0472<br \/>Caters for ages 3 to 7","latlng":"53.393845,-1.467057","filename":"school_icon"}

    Pyebank Nursery Infant

    Andover Street
    West Sheffield S3 9EL
    T 0114 276 0472
    Caters for ages 3 to 7

  • {"id":"11","title":"Sheffield College","address":"PO Box 345<br \/>Sheffield S2 2YY<br \/>T 0114 260 2600<br \/>Caters for ages 16+","latlng":"53.38155,-1.463527","filename":"school_icon"}

    Sheffield College

    PO Box 345
    Sheffield S2 2YY
    T 0114 260 2600
    Caters for ages 16+

  • {"id":"12","title":"Seven Hills School","address":"41 East Bank Rd<br \/>Sheffield S2 3PX<br \/>T 0114 276 0245<br \/>Caters for ages 2-19","latlng":"53.368604,-1.459016","filename":"school_icon"}

    Seven Hills School

    41 East Bank Rd
    Sheffield S2 3PX
    T 0114 276 0245
    Caters for ages 2-19


Kelham is full of diverse goings-on. Little Kelham hopes to attract new businesses including a bakery and a gym to enrich the local area even more.


Our new show home – a four-bed Garden House – is now open.

Little Kelham homes need to be seen to be believed – only when you wander around the houses do you realise how space and light have been maximised to create rooms which are far from ordinary.

What’s more, Citu staff are on hand to talk to you about all aspects of Little Kelham, from the homes themselves and the technology behind them to the community and local neighbourhood.

Our show home is open regularly. To find out more, get in touch.


  • {"id":"1","title":"Train Station","address":"Sheffield Railway Station approximately 1 mile away.<br \/>Bus and tram connections available.","latlng":"53.378557,-1.462965","filename":"train_icon"}

    Train Station

    Sheffield Railway Station approximately 1 mile away.
    Bus and tram connections available.

  • {"id":"2","title":"Bus Stop","address":"Regular buses to the city centre, Meadowhall and Hillsborough from Shalesmoor.<br \/>Website: <a href='http:\/\/' target='_blank' class='text--yellow'><\/a>","latlng":"53.387752,-1.47501","filename":"bus_icon"}

    Bus Stop

    Regular buses to the city centre, Meadowhall and Hillsborough from Shalesmoor.

  • {"id":"3","title":"Supertram Stop","address":"Shalesmoor Penistone Road<br \/>Full timetable at <a href='http:\/\/' target='_blank' class='text--yellow'><\/a>","latlng":"53.38869,-1.47793","filename":"tram_icon"}

    Supertram Stop

    Shalesmoor Penistone Road
    Full timetable at

  • {"id":"4","title":"Taxi company","address":"Abbey Taxis<br \/>50 Burton Road<br \/>Sheffield S3 8BX<br \/>T: 0114 275 1111","latlng":"53.392009,-1.474799","filename":"taxi_icon"}

    Taxi company

    Abbey Taxis
    50 Burton Road
    Sheffield S3 8BX
    T: 0114 275 1111