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Homes at Little Kelham will be released for sale six months before they are complete. When the property is released you can reserve with a reservation fee of £1500 (£500 for Help to Buy purchases).

Unfortunately this fee is non refundable once we instruct our solicitors. You will need to know you can get a mortgage before you reserve, we can recommend a mortgage broker who can help look for the right mortgage for you. You must have a solicitor appointed when you reserve. We can recommend one who is familiar with the development.

Once you have reserved and we have completed all of the paperwork our solicitor will send out a contract and lease to your solicitor who will do searches and ask questions on your behalf.

After 28 days you will exchange contracts and pay a 10% deposit (5% for Help to Buy). You will be kept updated regularly of the progress of your home by your house expert.


11 May 2017

It has been pleasing to hear about a possible expansion of the successful Sheffieldbycycle scheme, which was launched by the University of Sheffield two years ago. Sheffieldbycycle is much like London’s so-called ‘Boris Bikes’ – where bikes are...

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A government scheme called Help to Buy makes buying a new home far more accessible to first time...

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