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Living in a digitally-enabled home means you can control and monitor your impact on the environment at the touch of a button. Our unique digital platform allows you to control your energy remotely via your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Controlling and monitoring your energy usage this way means you are using only the energy and resources you need. The “Home & Away” switch enables residents to turn off all non-essential power at the touch of a button.

The service stores a log book for your home of all historic energy bills and manuals.


digitally enabled homes

“Actuate” will allow you to control your home remotely using your smart phone, tablet or device.

Efficient Living

Inspired by new ideas…we’ve put a lot of thought in to helping you live efficiently and sustainably.


11 May 2017

It has been pleasing to hear about a possible expansion of the successful Sheffieldbycycle scheme, which was launched by the University of Sheffield two years ago. Sheffieldbycycle is much like London’s so-called ‘Boris Bikes’ – where bikes are...

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Our new show home – a four-bed Garden House – is now open.

Little Kelham homes need to be seen to be believed – only when you wander around the houses do you realise how space and light have been maximised to create rooms which are far from ordinary.

What’s more, Citu staff are on hand to talk to you about all aspects of Little Kelham, from the homes themselves and the technology behind them to the community and local neighbourhood.

Our show home is open regularly. To find out more, get in touch.